Support the Alabama Amazon Union!

Protest Amazon's anti-union campaign this Saturday, Feb. 20

Amazon’s anti-union campaign in Bessemer, AL violates labor and human rights standards.

Join us 9 AM to 10 AM at Whole Foods in Lexington, KY

Amazon owns Whole Foods. This Saturday from 9 to 10 AM we'll protest Amazon’s Alabama anti-union campaign at the Lexington Whole Foods store on Man O’War and Nicholasville Road.

The address is 4059 Finn Way, Lexington, KY.

Bring signs and pamphlets. We expect a visit from the local news. Dress warm, wear gloves (so you can hold your sign), and mask for everyone's safety.

Protester carries a box with the Amazon mascot frowning.
Protester carries a box with the Amazon mascot frowning.

February 20 is a National Day of Solidarity with Bessemer, AL Amazon warehouse workers

The Southern Workers Assembly issued a call for a National Day of Solidarity with Alabama Amazon workers this Saturday, February 20. Actions are planned across the South and U.S. at Amazon facilities: warehouses, distribution centers, Whole Foods, etc.

If you organize a protest at a different time or near where you live, get the word out on social media and at!

See you Saturday at 9 AM!

Amazon is forcing them into anti-union meetings, texting them up to 5x daily, putting messages in bathrooms, even changing traffic light patterns to harm union organizing.

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Amazon’s anti-union campaign violates global labor & human rights standards” [Pando Daily].

February 20, National Day of Solidarity with Bessemer, Alabama warehouse workers” [Green County Democrat].

Who is organizing this protest?

We aren't an organized group. Some of us are union members or marched with the movement for black lives last summer. Some of us have never been to a protest before. We are essential workers, people who lost jobs, youth, and senior citizens who believe in the right to organize.